Private Home Stocking

Home stocking includes: Beverages, Wine & spirits, Snacks, Quick fix meals, bottled water, Champagne, Smoothies, Liquor, Beer, Fresh-made Salads, Fresh-made salad dressings… Plus whatever your heart desires.

Creating Luxury through convenience… Imagine never having to go the grocery store again.

Today’s affluent families and home owners aren’t excited about day to day duties of preparing and organizing home. They want luxury service! Dog walkers are cool, but the only thing every family or business adult does for sure is eat three times daily. When pre-packaged food isn’t an option; we would like to be your go to company for freshly prepared and professionally served gourmet foods at a moment’s notice, along with full home food and beverage stocking.

Forced to make reservations at fine restaurants more than once a week? We bring fine restaurant dishes and easy to use ingredients directly to your refrigerator, with professionally prepared cuisine that’s also stylishly served…. how could you go wrong?


Amenities’ are so important to families and home owners, eating fine and freshly prepared foods is one of the top priorities on a daily basis. Stocking service includes: Wine, beer, water, champagne, liquor, milk, eggs, steaks, seafood, veggies, fruit, ice cream, breads, pastas, salad dressings, snacks, baby foods, pet food, cleaning supplies, High on the list of priorities? Making sure there is a well-stocked kitchen to take care of our eating needs.

Food service includes traditional gourmet salads, gourmet sandwiches, smoothies, soups, baked goods and snacks as-well as complete “recipes packets” for home cooking. All meals are macro-nutrient balanced and designed to reveal nutrients per dish.